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Cooch Behar

perfect blend of royal heritage & natural beauty...

Situated in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. Cooch Behar is one of the old planned towns in India with remnants of royal heritage. It’s one of the main tourist destinations in West Bengal. The primary attraction of the city the is the royal palace which was designed on the model of Buckingham Palace in London in 1887. During the British rule in India Cooch Behar was the seat of the princely state of Koch Bihar ruled by the Koch dynasty. This city is also famous for ponds. During the royal era the Maharaja (King) of Cooch Behar constructed 86 ponds in and around the city. During the “Rash Festival” many people visit Cooch Behar to experience this unique gathering and be a part of this festival.


City Tour: Being a princely state Cooch Behar has royal stories and architecture throughout the city. The Cooch Behar Palace which was designed on the model of Buckingham Palace in London is the prime attraction. You can walk in and around the city or take a city tour in a leg pulled Rickshaw which is a unique transportation medium here.

Sightseeing tour: Enjoy a day long local sightseeing tour to the places of interest in nearby areas. This sightseeing tour program can be customized to your needs. Some of the places of Interest are Madan Mohan Temple, Indian Railway Museum, Cooch Behar Palace and Museum, Gosanimari, Baneswar Shiva Temple, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti, Rasik bil etc.

Excursion to Phuentsholing(Bhutan): Enjoy a day long Excursion trip to Phuentsholing(Bhutan) from Cooch Behar and enjoy the places of interest in nearby areas. You can see beautiful Dooars Tea plantation on your way to Phuentsholing. Some of the places of interest are Phuentsholing Monastery, Crocodile Park, Bhutan Gate etc.

*Please note that this excursion trip is for Indian tourists only. Foreign tourists (Except Indian and Bangladesh nationals) can’t enter into Bhutan without VISA. However, Indian nationals can enter into Bhutan and go to a certain point without permit. Indian tourists need to carry valid id proof with them for this tour.

Wildlife safari: Visitors can go to nearby Chilapata Wildlife Sanctuary for jungle safari. This Sanctuary is famous for Asian Elephant, Indian Gaur(Bison), Leopard, Wild boar, Deer, etc animals.

Day hike: You can for a day hike to Buxa fort from Cooch Behar which is in Buxa Tiger Reserve. The hike starts from Santalabari and it takes around 3 hrs hilly walk to reach at the fort. The fort has an interesting history. The King of Bhutan used the fort to protect the portion of famous Silk route which was connected between India and Tibet, via Bhutan. Later they abandoned this fort and during unrest in occupation of Tibet, many refugees arrived at the place and used this as refuge. However, the fort in ruins now but the view of on the way to this fort is magnificent.

Day excursion to rural village: If you want to experience the rural picture of a Indian village there are couple of villages in Cooch Behar where you can get such frame.

Home-stay experience: Bengali culture is famous for it’s cuisine which is well recognized not only in India but internationally also. A home-stay experience can double the fun of visiting this place where you have a chance to relish hearty Bengali cuisine and their hospitality.

The Rash Festival of Cooch Behar: Held annually, Rash Mela is considered to be one of the most popular celebrations in the city. The festival takes place every year, in November, to celebrate the divine love of Hindu god Krishna and Radha. This is a festival where people joins from different region and truly makes it a celebration of people. Though it is celebrated at many places in West Bengal this festival is mainly linked with the celebrations here. Rash Mela is a colorful festival with local tales, joy and happiness. One must visit Cooch Behar during this festival time to experience this human gathering and be a part of this unique festival of India.

Places to Visit: Cooch Behar Palace, Baneswar, Rajabhatkhawa, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Jayanti, Rasikbil, Gosanimari, etc

Travel Guide


The general temperature in Cooch Behar stays hot and humid during May-September but from October to March the weather becomes comfortable. During summer mercury crosses sometimes 32°C in daytime and during night it stays around 25°C. The average temperature stays 20°C during winter here. In winter temperature drops to 5°C sometimes. During monsoon this area gets good amount of rainfall.

Local Words

Generals greetings and words: Welcome greetings: Nomos-Kaar, Yes: Hya, No: Naa, Little bit: Olpo, Thank you: Dhan-yo-baad, Road: Raas-taa, Shop/Store: Do-kaan, Market: Baa-zar, Medicine: O-shoodh.

Food and Drinks: Hot water: Gorom jol, Cold Water: Thaan-daa jol, Rice: Bhaat, Lentils: Daal, Vegetables: Sab-jee,

Emotions: Good (Food): Daa-roon, Not Good (food): mota-mooti, Good (Place,things): Soon-dor, Not Good (Place,things): Bhaa-lo na.

Time: Morning: Sokaal, Noon: Doo-poor, Afternoon: Bee-kel, Evening: Son-dha, Night: Raat-ree.

Relationship: Elder-brother: Dada, Brother: Bhaa-e, Elder Sister: Dee-Dee, Sister: Bon.

Getting here

The nearest airport name is Bagdogra airport (IXB). It is well connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and other metro cities of India. There is a small airport in Cooch Behar (code COH) but the flights are irregular and connected only with Kolkata (Code CCU) and Bagdogra (IXB).
The nearest railway station name is New Cooch Behar Junction (NCB). It’s well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and other metro cities.

Cooch Behar is well connected by roads with rest of the India.


Indian and foreign tourists don’t need any permit to visit this place. For further query please contact us.


In Cooch Behar while visiting in any religious place please remove your footwear before entering into the main temple. It is also advisable to wear modest clothes while visiting any religious place. People will happily pose for a picture but please ask before taking any picture.


Cooch Behar is a safe place for tourists but for any safety concern you can share your query with local police station (dial 100 only) or reach to the nearest tourist information center.


The local hotels and restaurants serve safe drinking water but if you are not sure then you can buy packaged drinking water almost at every place. You won’t find mosquitoes during daytime in the outside or in your hotel room but if you are outside during evening/night it’s advisable to use mosquito repellent. If you are allergic to plants and pollen then take precaution.