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the most picturesque village in India...

At an elevation of over 2926 m (9,600 feet), Lachung is one of the places in Sikkim that mesmerizes visitors with its breathtaking beauty. Located in the lap of Himalayas, Lachung is a small village that gets snow during the winter season and remains covered in snow till early March. Nature lovers often describe this snow-clad hamlet as ‘Switzerland of India’. If the winter landscapes of Lachung amazes you then spring will definitely take your breath away. The variously colored Rhododendron flowers bloom in the nearest Rhododendron sanctuary and it looks like a fairy land with dazzling colors, magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains, beauteous waterfalls and streams. It would not be audacious to say that Lachung is actually a Shangri-La on the earth. It also offers a perfect base for the travelers heading to Yumthang Valley.


Sightseeing tour: You can go for local sightseeing tour to the various places of interest in nearby areas. The full day tour program can be customized to meet your needs. Some of the places of interest are Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary, Domang Valley, Yumesamdong (0 point) and Yumthang Valley, etc.

Nature walk: To explore Lachung to the fullest just wake up the morning and go for a walk. Stunning view of snow-capped mountains, flowing Lachung Chu (River), Lush green landscape – this soulful nature walk will definitely bring peacefulness in you.

Places to Visit: Lachung Monastery, Bhimnala Falls, Singba Rhododendron sanctuary, Domang Valley, Yumesamdong (0 point),Yumthang Valley, etc.

Travel Guide


Lachung falls in high altitude zone. The general temperature of Lachung stays cold throughout the year. During summer the average temperature stays 12°C and in winter it drops down to 7°C. Remember Lachung gets good amount of snowfall during winter.

Local Words

Generals greetings and words: Welcome greetings: Namas-tey, Yes: Hoon-chha, No: Ney-he, Little bit: Ali-kati, Thank you: Dhan-ya-baad, Road: Raas-taa, Shop/Store: Doo-kaan, Market: Baa-zar, Medicine: Daa-wai.

Food and Drinks: Hot water: Taa-to Paa-ni, Cold Water: Chee-so Paa-ni, Rice: Khaa-naa, Lentils:Daal, Vegetables: Sab-jee,

Emotions: Good (Food): Mee-tho, Not Good (food): Mee-tho chha-e-no, Good (Places, things): Daa-me, Not Good: (Place,things): Daa-me Chha-e-no.

Time: Morning/day: Bee-yan, Evening/night: Bel-ka.

Relationships: Elder-brother: Daa-joo, Brother: Bhaa-e, Elder Sister: Dee-Dee, Sister: Ba-hee-nee.

Getting here

The nearest airport name is Bagdogra airport (IXB). It is well connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other metro cities of India.
The nearest railway station name is New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP). It’s well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and other metro cities of India.
Lachung is connected by only one way with Gangtok and rest of the India.


Indian tourists as well as foreign tourists need a protected area permit to visit this place and you can get this from Gangtok through a registered travel agency. Indian tourists need to submit two photocopies of their govt. id card along with two copies of his/her passport size photo while applying. Foreign tourists need to submit two photocopies of his/her passport and with valid visa along with 2 copies of his/her passport size photo while applying. For further query please contact us.


Sikkim is the second smallest state in India with least population. They have deep respect for each other. While visiting in any religious place please remove your footwear before entering into the main temple. Also it is advisable to wear modest clothes while visiting any religious place. People will happily pose for a picture but please ask them before taking any picture.

*Please note that in a Sikkimese tradition while a guest is leaving they offer Khada (scarf) to their guest as a sign of good luck. If they offer you such then please close your palms together to reply as a thank you gesture.


Sikkim is India’s one of the few states where the crime rate is very low. Not only towards tourists, people have deep respects for each other also. But for any safety concern, you can share your query with local police station (dial 100 only) or reach to the nearest tourist information center.


Remember Lachung falls within the high altitude zone. Upon arrival you might feel little headache or lightness in your head. To acclimatize in this situation you should take breath and keep drinking water. You won’t find any mosquitoes here in Lachung. If you are allergic to plants and pollen then take precaution. The local hotels and restaurants serve safe drinking water but if you are not sure then you can buy packaged drinking water almost at every settlement.