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serenity in the heart of Dooars...

A quiet and beautiful place in the bank of river Murti which has also assumed the name of the river. A perfect place for the tourist who wants to experience the view of dense forest, the view of lush green Tea gardens, the cultures of tribal communities, all at once. The nearby Gorumara National Park is home to the unique one horned Rhino. The population of Rhino is second largest after Kaziranga National Park in Assam. Murti is also a good stopover point for the tourists who are going to Bhutan from Bagdogra airport or New Jalpaiguri Railway station.

*Murti is such a place where you can get wildlife sightings just from your hotel/resort premises. The other side of the Murti river is dense Chapramari forest which famous for Elephant, Indian gaur(Bison), Deer and Leopard.


Wildlife safari: The dense forests of Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Forest are home to famous One horned Rhinoceros, Asian Elephant, Indian Gaur (Bison), Leopards and many more species. Visitors can go for Elephant/car safari in the forest.

Tribal dance: The Dooars region is famous for its aborigines and their cultures. A nice evening can be spent in your hotel/resort’s courtyard watching their cultural dance and music while enjoying their homemade brewer  Haaria.

A day with Elephant: You can spend your day with the Elephants who stays at nearby Pilkhana (stable of Elephants). You can feed them and walk with them to the nearby river and help the Mahut to bath them.

Excursion trip to Kalimpong: Enjoy a day long excursion trip to Kalimpong from Murti and enjoy the places of interest in nearby areas. This sightseeing tour program can be customized to your needs. Some of the places of interest are Durpin Dara, Deolo Hills, Flower Nurseries, Thongsa Gompa, Tharpa Choling Monastery, Durpin Monastery, Golf Course and many more.

Excursion to Phuentsholing(Bhutan): Enjoy a day long Excursion trip to Phuentsholing(Bhutan) from Murti and enjoy the places of interest in nearby areas. You can see beautiful Dooars Tea plantation on your way to Phuentsholing. Some of the places of interest are Phuentsholing Monastery, Crocodile Park, Bhutan Gate etc.

*Please note that this excursion trip is for Indian tourists only. Foreign tourists (Except Indian and Bangladesh nationals) can’t enter into Bhutan without VISA. However, Indian nationals can enter into Bhutan and go to a certain point without permit. Indian tourists need to carry valid id proof with them for this tour.

Places to Visit: Gorumara National Park, Chapramari Sanctuary, Kalimpong, Phuentsholing (Bhutan), Chalsa, Metelli, Jhalong, Jaldhaka, Samsing, Suntalekhola and many more.

Travel Guide


The general temperature in Murti varies from season to season. During summer sometimes the mercury touches 35°C but as the area falls in sub-tropical rain forest zone, occasional shower keeps the atmosphere comfortable. During winter season temperature drops down to 6°C sometimes and weather becomes foggy. During monsoon this area gets good amount of rainfall.

Local Words

Generals greetings and words: Welcome greetings: Nomos-Kaar, Yes: Hya, No: Naa, Little bit: Olpo, Thank you: Dhan-yo-baad, Road: Raas-taa, Shop/Store: Do-kaan, Market: Baa-zar, Medicine: O-shoodh.

Food and Drinks: Hot water: Gorom jol, Cold Water: Thaan-daa jol, Rice: Bhaat, Lentils: Daal, Vegetables: Sab-jee,

Emotions: Good (Food): Daa-roon, Not Good (food): mota-mooti, Good (Place,things): Soon-dor, Not Good (Place,things): Bhaa-lo na.

Time: Morning: Sokaal, Noon: Doo-poor, Afternoon: Bee-kel, Evening: Son-dha, Night: Raat-ree.

Relationship: Elder-brother: Dada, Brother: Bhaa-e, Elder Sister: Dee-Dee, Sister: Bon.

Getting here

The nearest airport name is Bagdogra airport (IXB). It is well connected with Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and metro cities of India.

The nearest big railway station name is New Jalpaiguri Junction (NJP) which is 66 km away from here. It’s well connected with Delhi, Kolkata and other metro cities of India. There is another railway junction which is the nearest from here. The station name is New Mal Junction (NMZ) and it’s 17 km away from here. But there are only few trains that connects this station with Delhi, Kolkata and other cities.

Murti is well connected by roads with West Bengal and rest of the India.


Indian and foreign tourists don’t need any permit to visit this place. For further query please contact us.


While visiting in any religious place please remove your footwear before entering into the main temple. It is also advisable to wear modest clothes while visiting any religious place. People will happily pose for a picture but please ask before taking any picture.


Murti is a safe place for tourists but for any safety concern you can share your query with local police station (dial 100 only) or reach to the nearest tourist information center. Remember if you are going for wildlife safari then pay heed to your guide. During night it’s not advisable to go outside of your hotel/resort premises as it is near to forest.


The local hotels and restaurants serve safe drinking water but if you are not sure then you can buy packaged drinking water almost at everyplace.