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A luxury vacation is something that not only for the people who look for comfortable accommodation or delicious food, rather, It’s more about the overall quality of the vacation that matters the most and we truly understand the taste they are looking for. So for the exceptional person like you, we have a dedicated zone – SMILE PANDA Luxury. A specially boutique section for the tourist like you who is traveling to Darjeeling, Sikkim region and want to spend their vacation not just in a luxurious way but also a SMILE PANDA way!

Here is the specialty of luxurious vacation and key feature of this region-

Just imagine enjoying your vacation in a luxurious hotel which is designed in a perfect blend of traditional culture along with modern amenities to give its visitors an exceptional experience. Or enjoying your high tea in a majestic place which used to be the summer holiday of Maharaja (King) of Cooch Behar. What about feeling rejuvenate yourself as you enjoy Jacuzzi in a property surrounded by lush green Tea plantation! The enthralling part is that every location is in the Himalayas and offers dazzling view of the mountains.

From heritage hotels to Modern luxury hotels, Popular and offbeat resorts to exotic Tea estate cottages- we feel so happy to offer a dream vacation for you and make your journey special only travel with us!

*Under this segment we also have specially customized travel packages for honeymoon couples who are looking for a memorable vacation of their newly started journey.

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