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the last "Shagri-la" in the Himalayas...

Bhutan is a small, picturesque country in the Himalayas and probably most beautiful hidden destination in the world right now. This peaceful nation is famous for ancient monasteries, Dzongs (fortresses) and of course indescribable landscape. It’s the only country in the world to introduce the term Gross National Happiness instead of Gross National Product so one can imagine the policy of the country. When the rest of the world is fighting for reduce greenhouse gas emission Bhutan is the only country in the World to become Carbon negative country that means it absorbs more carbon than it produces. The whole country surrounded by lush green forest. Apart from the natural beauty the colorful culture of Bhutan is a inseparable part of this country. When one say about the culture, the smiling people of the country will come. This country also hosts the highest unclimbed mountain in the world Gangkhar Puensum (7570 m). The Snow-man trek which is said to be the toughest trek in the world is also here in Bhutan.

So this amazing country is all about legends, epics, culture, spectacular landscapes and that’s why whenever people say Bhutan, they just don’t mean a country- it’s the last “Shangri-la” of this planet!