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lesser known & serene destinations in the Himalayas...

Vacation means living life in an unconventional way. A way which you don’t follow in regular life. During your vacation sometimes you want to spend you days in such a place which will be different from popular touristic destination yet beautiful. A quiet place where you can just relax and admire the beauty of nature or engage yourself with activities like nature walk, village walk, etc. But now a days finding such place is really a tough job.


Well not anymore! SMILE PANDA Tours has found such places in Sikkim and West Bengal region & brought the news to you.  Beside a Tea garden,  outskirts of dense forest or in a quiet mountain village- these places are not just away from the popular touristic places nearby but blessed by mother nature in terms of natural beauty. You can spend your vacation here peacefully away from crowd just sitting on a porch sipping steaming brew or engage yourself with small adventure activities like Village walk or Forest walk.





Mineral Springs